Donor Newsletters - Four Things Donors Demand from Non-Profit and Fundraising Organizations

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Back in the 1990s, I worked for a non-profit organization that mailed a multi-page, full-colour newsletter to around fourteen,000 individuals each month, at a price of around $0.fifty a piece. The bulk of individuals who received the newsletter had never given a donation to the organization. Nonetheless the organization had been mailing thousands of these folks month in and month out, for years.

The executive director finally set to avoid wasting some money by asking these newsletter recipients if they wished to continue receiving the newsletter. He told them in a very letter that their free newsletter "subscription" would expire if he didn't hear from them. He did not hear from them.

Of the 14,000 newsletter recipients who received this letter, solely around a pair of,five hundred said they wished to continue receiving the newsletter. In alternative words, 82% did not wish to receive it. That suggests that the non-profit organization immediately started saving $five,750 a month, or $sixty nine,000 a year, by refusing to print and mail a donor newsletter to people who didn't want to scan it.

You'll be able to save this kind of cash by creating your newsletter the kind that donors want to read. Here are the four things that nowadays's donors demand in a donor newsletter.

1. Accomplishments

"What did you do with my cash?" That's the question  donors are asking themselves once they scan your newsletter. Donors want proof, in words and photos, that their donations are creating a difference. They want to see that your organization is using their donations the means donors wish them used. Thus make positive your newsletter highlights accomplishments.

2. Vision

"What may you are doing with my cash?" This is often the query donors are asking as they ponder giving again. Why ought to they renew their support? You would like to convey some compelling reasons. Not in the form of a vision statement or mission statement, but in the shape of exciting, relevant initiatives that you would like to undertake with the donor's help.

3. Recognition

"Did my support matter?" Your donors pick up your donor newsletter to read regarding themselves. They need to determine that they matter, that they are important, to your organization. They want you to acknowledge them and the contribution they make to the people you serve. So be sure to acknowledge your donors. Show that you worth them. Answer the query donors are asking, "Did my support matter?"

4. Efficiency

"Can I trust you with my money?" This is often one question  donors are asking additional often these days. Just in the week (November, 2007) the pinnacle of the Red Cross within the United States was forced to resign as a result of of a moral lapse he had at work involving a female colleague. Your donors wish to know that your organization is trustworthy and financially responsible. Your donor newsletter is the simplest place to build that trust over time.

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Donor Newsletters - Four Things Donors Demand from Non-Profit and Fundraising Organizations

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This article was published on 2011/01/05